Professional photography

More than “real estate photos” Spin offers exceptional photography that sells homes.

Photography is the most important component of a property marketing campaign. Still imagery is critical to making a quick first impression and creating an emotional connection with potential buyers. We begin every job on site taking the care and time necessary to artfully compose and light our images. The second part of our process happens in post processing which includes the hand blending of lit and ambient exposures. Our final results speak for themselves.

How do you make your photos look so good? You must have incredible cameras. We do have nice cameras and don’t skimp on professional gear but the secret is our two part process. Honed over years of shooting thousands of homes and literally billions of dollar in properties we have developed a shooting method that allows us to shoot consistently beautiful photos even when the the home may not be cooperating. By combining an artful eye and lots of technical experience we are able to produce images that forge a emotional connection with the buyer.

A picture is worth a thousand words but it’s also potentially worth thousands of extra dollars to the sale price of a home. (Add quote about homes with good photos going for more.)

standard for every job

artistic and experienced photographers

professional camera and lighting equipment

supplemental and creative lighting

expert post-production

blue sky replacement (because it’s Portland)

green grass

electrical cord removal